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Of the three big two-wheeler manufacturers from Japan, Yamaha was the last one to enter the gearless scooter segment. In the last three years, the company has invested considerable effort to try to catch up with its rivals. Today, Yamaha has a strong scooter line-up: from the sporty-looking Ray, to the no-nonsense Alpha. Now, there's another entrant in this scooter family: the chic Fascino.

The Fascino’s design is a refreshing change. From the paint to the tasteful use of chrome, the new scooter looks fancy. The neo-retro design does remind you of the Vespa, and that's no bad thing. Personally, we like the big white dials and the use of top-quality switchgear. There are no decals, and the matt-finish paint options make the scooter stand out.

The engine is the same 113cc motor that we see in the Ray and Alpha. The output is the same as well, with the engine making 7bhp and 8.1Nm of torque. The lack of power can be noticed during initial acceleration. While the engine lacks low-end zing, it can take the Fascino to an indicated speed of 80kph without much effort. The engine feels pretty comfortable when you're cruising at top speed for longer durations, too. Riding the Fascino around town and highway the motor is a fuss-free affair.

At 70kph, the scooter feels planted. In fact, it is one of the most stable scooters that we've ridden recently. There is a downside to it, though – the firm suspension. While riding through pothole-ridden roads, the ride was a bit bumpy. Luckily, the well-padded seat cushions your spine from the jolts. The 103kg Fascino is manageable in traffic, and the short turning radius helps manoeuvre the scooter through tight spots. The only problem that we faced is the riding position. As is the case with most scooters, the Fascino is built for short riders. So, even if you're five-feet-eight, a long ride might get tiresome.

We do wish the Fascino came with bigger wheels than the current 10-inchers it rides on. The tyres provide sufficient grip, and though the handling is confidence-inspiring, don’t lean too far into a corner, as this is still a scooter. The Fascino comes with drum brakes front and back, which do a fair job of stopping the scooter. What we would have liked is a front disc brake as an option, as drums tend to get lose bite after prolonged use.

By now, most readers will be convinced that this is a good package, but the question ‘kitna deti hai?’ still remains. On our combined highway and city cycle, the Fascino managed to return an average of 46.2kpl. This should be good enough for a range of around 240-250km on a full tank.

As an overall package, the Yamaha Fascino pretty much ticks all the boxes for anyone looking at a reliable scooter for personal use. It’s stylish, fuel-efficient and offers bulletproof Japanese reliability, which will be more than enough to convince most buyers.

1cyl, 113cc, 7bhp, 8.1Nm, CVT, Fuel tank: 5.2ltr, Weight: 103kg, 46.2kpl,

Price: Rs 52,500, ex-showroom, Delhi

Style, bulletproof reliability and an efficient motor at a reasonable price